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December 2019 will see the first ever Global Refugee Forum (GRF), which follows the adoption of the Global Compact on Refugees in December 2018. The Forum will invite all stakeholders involved in supporting refugees around the world to commit to meaningful pledges to deliver and further the Compact. Pledges are invited across a range of thematic areas, including education.

Refugee Support Network and Unicef UK have put together a pledge to make sure schools and colleges in the UK are part of this historic moment. Please show your support for making sure all children, including refugees and asylum-seekers, have access to an inclusive education.

We will submit and share the pledge ahead of the Global Refugee Forum so everyone knows that in the UK, #SchoolsSayWelcome

By signing the pledge, you will receive a downloadable certificate, links to resources to support your pledge implementation, and acknowledgement of any tweets that use the hashtag #SchoolsSayWelcome

Together, we have the power to make sure all children and young people feel safe, welcome and supported in our schools.

Unicef UK is working in partnership with the Refugee Support Network on our Global Refugee Forum pledge

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The pledge

We the undersigned schools and colleges, ahead of the Global Refugee Forum 2019: 

  • Recalling that all children and young people have a right to education, enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and reiterated in numerous national and international commitments; 
  • Recognising that this right is inalienable and moves with children as they move across borders;
  • Believing that schools and colleges should be safe havens for refugee and asylum-seeking children and play a key role in delivering both education and other support services for these children; 

Do hereby pledge to:

  • Adopt a whole-school approach to inclusion, valuing and celebrating the diversity of all children and young people in our schools and colleges;
  • Create an environment where refugee children and young people feel safe and welcomed;
  • Ease and support access to our school or college for refugee children, including for those arriving mid-way through the school year. If relevant, we will ensure that all staff know that certain children who have arrived in the UK less than 2 years ago may be excluded from performance data;
  • Build the capacity of our teaching, support and governance staff so that they are better able to support the academic learning and socio-emotional wellbeing of refugee children and young people;
  • Use our position in the local community to champion refugees and promote an inclusive message of welcome and;
  • Share information and good practice on inclusion of refugee children with other schools or colleges.

Join our #SchoolsSayWelcome campaign today

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