A child rights-based approach

Child Rights Partners is grounded in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Through our partnership with local government, we want to demonstrate that placing children’s rights at the heart of local authority policy and practice – adopting a child rights-based approach – is the most effective way of making rights a reality for all children.

A child rights-based approach requires local authorities and their partners to begin with the child. It places children and young people at the centre of services, empowering them and their families. It improves the ability of professionals, services and partner organisations to protect and fulfil children’s rights, creating a common driver that connects services across the whole local authority. Ultimately, the approach ensures every child is treated with dignity and fairness, is protected and able to participate.

Over the course of the programme, we are developing and testing a range of child rights outcomes and indicators. These will support our local authority partners to practically implement the principles of a child rights-based approach, monitor the change and evaluate the impact on outcomes for children.