The impact of a child rights-based approach

Child Rights Partners is a ground-breaking programme – systematically embedding children’s rights in public services at both policy and practice level has never been trialled before in the UK.

We believe a child rights-based approach makes services more effective and truly child-centred, leading to better outcomes for children and young people across all dimensions of their lives.

When local authorities take a child rights-based approach, children:

  • know and understand their rights;
  • know about the services available and how to access them;
  • have a say in the design, delivery and evaluation of services;
  • experience connected, tailored and responsive services, even if their needs are complex; and
  • feel safe, nurtured, prioritised and are treated with dignity.

As part of this process, we want to empower children and young people to know and assert their rights and hold their local authorities to account. We also want to enable staff at all levels to embrace their duty to uphold children’s rights in their work.

We want to see stronger and more open relationships between children and young people and their local authorities. We believe systems can be better and that changing them through a rights-based approach will not only improve children’s lives and give all children the same opportunity to flourish, but will also improve local communities and society as a whole.