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Working with Unicef to Strengthen Child Protection

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Why we’re working together

Every child deserves the right to a safe childhood. Unfortunately, today millions of children are regularly exposed to harm – they go to work instead of school, or become child brides, or are exposed to danger in their communities.

Unicef and DLA Piper, the Global Law firm, are working together to protect children so that every child can grow up safe from violence, exploitation, and abuse.

Child protection is a vital, yet often underfunded, area of Unicef’s work; it is complex and requires long-term support to create systemic change. Thanks to continuing financial support from DLA Piper, Unicef is able to keep working towards ensuring that every child’s rights are protected.

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What we’re doing

DLA Piper supported Unicef’s child justice work in Bangladesh from 2013 to 2016,  striving to ensure that children experience a justice system that is fair and protects their rights.

From 2017 our partnership has entered a new phase – supporting Unicef’s child protection work globally.

Pro-bono support

DLA Piper’s pro-bono legal support to Unicef office’s around the world is also helping us to protect children.

Projects that DLA Piper lawyers have worked on include:

  • Children’s Act in Bangladesh
    Supporting the implementation of the 2013 Children’s Act in Bangladesh, helping to ensure children have access to a justice system that is fair and protects their rights
  • Child marriage and FGM
    Increasing technical assistance to the government in The Gambia on child marriage and FGM/C
  • Unregistered births
    Reviewing birth registration legislation in 23 jurisdictions to help Unicef advocate for 230 million children whose births are unregistered

As a result of DLA Piper’s dedication across their firm globally, we are able to build a safer world for some of the most vulnerable children.

Sport can provide great opportunities for children, but it can also hold dangers. DLA Piper and Unicef are working to keep children safe by putting in place adequate safeguarding legislation.

What we’ve achieved


hours of pro-bono support provided by DLA's lawyers

£1.8 m

raised to support Unicef's child protection work


DLA Piper offices have supported 27 Unicef Offices around the world

Unicef works in fragile countries where there is an urgent need to develop and implement laws to protect the most vulnerable children in our society. We are proud to support them in their work.
Nicolas Patrick, partner and International Head of Responsible Business, DLA Piper