Domestos is a brand with a purpose – to win the war on poor sanitation.

Since 2012, UNICEF  has been working with Domestos to deliver on that ambition, providing authenticity and credibility to their work.

Every year Domestos has been able to tell consumers in seven countries, that when they buy a bottle of Domestos, they aren’t just getting a cleaner toilet for their own home. They’re also supporting a Unicef programme that has so far helped more than 28 million people around the world get clean, safe toilets.

Over the past eights years, Unicef and Domestos have worked together to show Domestos’ consumers the human impact of their support. Telling the stories on TV, digital and in the press of the children, families and communities whose lives have been changed thanks to the partnership. Unicef and Domestos won’t stop until every one has a clean, safe toilet.

A brand with purpose

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A basic human right

Domestos and Unicef firmly believe that everyone has a right to a clean and safe toilet.

Toilets save lives

When human waste isn’t properly disposed of, it contaminates water supplies and spreads deadly diseases. A child dies every two minutes from disease linked to unsafe water and poor sanitation.

A global problem

2.4 billion people around the world still do not have access to improved sanitation.

Together we're tackling the problem

Domestos and Unicef are working together to help millions of families who don’t have a clean and safe toilet. So far we have helped more than 28 million people gain access.

And we're not stopping there

Unicef helped Domestos exceed its target of helping 25 million people gain improved sanitation by 2020.


Children like Virendra

Without a toilet at home, Virendra was missing 1 in 4 school days. He was often too sick with diarrhoea to go to lessons. Virendra’s teacher, Pankaj, encouraged his family to build a toilet at home. Unicef and Domestos help teachers, like Pankaj, become toilet advocates in their communities. Virendra is now able to attend school consistently and plans to be a teacher himself.

We work with government

As the lead implementing partner of the Government of India’s Swachh Bharat Mission and with the support of Domestos, Unicef has been able to help millions of families get better sanitation. Our relationships with governments around the world mean that we can collaborate with partners like Domestos to achieve impressive, shared global goals.

We empower consumers to make change

When consumers buy a specially-marked bottle of Domestos, they are supporting work to help every child have access to a cleaner, safer toilet. For each bottle of Domestos bought, 5% is donated to sanitation improvement programmes in India.

We instill trust

Unicef is the world’s leading children’s organisation and we have the highest brand awareness of any charity in the world – over 90%. Our reputation means the appearance of our logo when promoting our partnership with Domestos is a guarantee of quality, trust and integrity.

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