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In 2006 Unicef and Pampers united to launch the first 1 pack = 1 vaccine campaign to help eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus worldwide.

The partnership is now celebrating its eleventh successful year and everything that we have been able to achieve together. During that time, mums and babies around the world have helped Pampers and Unicef to eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus in 19 countries and protected an estimated 500,000 babies. With only 19 countries left, we’re halfway towards our goal of global elimination! However, there are still lots to be done, with 67 million women worldwide at risk from this fatal yet preventable disease.

Supported by celebrity mum Kimberley Walsh, to launch our campaign we’re celebrating amazing babies who by wearing Pampers have helped us transform the lives of mums and babies around the world. This year we’re inviting people to continue their support and share our wish of eliminating maternal and newborn tetanus everywhere.

From October to December, every time a specially branded pack of Pampers is purchased or someone shares a photo of their own amazing baby on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #1photo1vaccine or #PampersUnicef, Pampers will donate the cost of one vaccine to help Unicef in the fight against maternal and newborn tetanus.

Together the Pampers and Unicef partnership can continue to help transform lives around the world.