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In 2011 we began a long-term partnership with Wella, with the aim to transform the lives of vulnerable young people through life skills education, vocational training including hairdressing and mentoring, as well as the strengthening of child protection services to keep them safe from violence and abuse.

Beginning in Brazil, the programme has now also worked with young people in Romania, Vietnam and most recently Cambodia in 2017.  Over the past six years together we have empowered more than 44,800 young people and their families to fulfil their rights and realise their potential.

Currently the programme focuses its support in Cambodia and by working with Unicef Cambodia and local partners we are supporting 800 vulnerable young people through vocational and life skills training to reach their potential .  Through Wella’s support a further 2,700 will also benefit from improved child protection services which will identify and support child victims of neglect, abuse, trafficking and exploitation and equip them with skills to reduce their vulnerability.

The WELLA-UNICEF MAKING WAVES partnership also offers Wella hairdressers the opportunity to share their creativity and passion for hair with young people through a two week mentoring programme.  Covering key hairdressing skills the students have the chance to learn new vocational skills and improve their employment prospects for the future.

By working in collaboration, sharing our skills and expertise, the WELLA-UNICEF Making Waves partnership is helping young people transform their lives and helping them have access to the opportunities they deserve.