Donate today to Unicef to keep children safe around the world. Unicef/2017/Gilbertson

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We are grateful for every gift. You can make even more of a difference with a smaller amount every month, supporting long-term projects and helping more children to grow up happy, healthy and safe.

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A young child drinks a glass of water in the village of Chikosa, Malawi. Photo: UNICEF/2015/Gilbertson VII

Each month, your £27 could help provide over 600 children with clean water.

A health worker administers a polio vaccination to a boy in Harsham Camp, Iraq. Photo: Unicef/2015/Anmar

Each month, your £14 could help protect 100 children from polio.

A young boy reads a book in a school classroom. Photo: UNICEF Thailand/2015/Prommarak

Each month, your £5 could buy 2 story books to help children learn to read.

A young child completes homework in the tent she shares with 16 family members, in Dalhamieh, Syria. Photo: UNICEF/2013/Noorani

£75 could buy exercise books for 180 children and pencils for a whole school.

£55 could help to train a health worker to provide life-saving care for children.

Leaving a gift in your Will can create a safer world for children. Martha, 19, carries her son Rahim, who is eight months old. Martha was born with HIV but has defied odds and her son is part of Malawi's AIDS-free generation. Photo: Unicef 2015 Schermbrucker

£25 could provide more than 30 pregnant women with HIV tests to help protect their baby.

Sorry, we can only process donations of £1 and above due to admin costs.

THE LEGO® MOVIE 2 is supporting UNICEF UK to raise money and awareness to help children around the world to be able to play and use their imagination to do extraordinary things.

THE LEGO® MOVIE 2 fans are encouraged to donate a small sum to support UNICEF UK’s vital work for children – providing clean water, life-saving food, vaccines and a safe space to grow up happy and healthy.

Why Unicef?

Unicef helps more children than any other humanitarian organisation. Unicef keeps children safe when war or disaster strike. Unicef provides life-saving food, clean water and vaccinations. Unicef protects children from violence and gives them a safe place to laugh and play. Unicef helps children go to school and give them the chance of a better future.

All over the world, including in the UK, Unicef works every day to build a better world for every child.

Unicef UK is a charity, entirely funded by our supporters. We receive no money from the UN budget.