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could help provide a solar-powered refrigerator, to help keep vaccines at the correct temperature on their journey to reach children.

could help provide nine cool boxes, helping to deliver life-saving measles vaccines to hard-to-reach children.

could help buy vaccines to protect 120 children against deadly measles.

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Spreading like wildfire through unvaccinated communities, measles is one of the world’s most contagious diseases – it spreads faster than tuberculosis, influenza and even Ebola. It can leave children weak and vulnerable to other dangerous diseases. It can even be deadly.

With two quick doses of a vaccine, we can stop children from ever having to face this danger – but only if we reach them before measles does.

You could help provide the solar-powered refrigerators needed to keep vaccines cold, and deliver them safely to children around the world. Without supporters like you, we couldn’t deliver vaccines to children who need them.

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