Saba being weighed at the health centre

Donate your zakat

Support children in Yemen

Provide essentials, including life-saving food, vaccines, clean safe water, learning materials, and hygiene support for the children in Yemen currently in need.

Could buy emergency food for malnourished children in Yemen by providing 50 cups of therapeutic milk and 400 sachets of high energy peanut paste, for those most in need.

Your generosity could provide a large health centre tent, where children can receive education, psycho-social support and vital medical attention.

Sorry, we can only process donations of £1 and above due to admin costs.

As you come together to share, reflect and celebrate in the holy month of Ramadan, please remember the children in urgent need of support. Donate your Zakat to help Unicef be there for the hundreds of thousands of children in Yemen at their time of greatest need.

Yemen is currently facing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. Over 24 million people, including over 12 million children, are in need of humanitarian assistance as a result of the conflict, which begun in 2015. The crisis has increased the number of cases of severe acute malnutrition and cholera. This, along with damage to schools and hospitals, means that children in Yemen are at their most vulnerable.

Children are malnourished and facing disease

Malnutrition in Yemen is at an all-time high. 360,000 children under 5 are currently suffering from severe acute malnutrition. In 2019, the number of cases of diarrhoea and cholera have also increased. Children requiring treatment is on the rise, and the disrupted health facilities cannot cope. During the conflict, schools and hospitals have been severely damaged, leaving 4.7 million children in Yemen in need of educational support.

Will you help us to deliver life-saving aid for children and families in Yemen?

Unicef is on the ground right now across Yemen. Aid workers are providing life-saving food, clean water, and delivering crucial vaccinations. Unicef is also providing temporary schools and offering emergency cash transfers. This is a lifeline that helps families buy essential items and send their children to school.

Saba and her family in Yemen

Saba suffered from severe malnutrition, fever and diarrhoea as a result of the crisis in Yemen. As conflict expanded into residential areas, food was scarce and her father could not get any work.

Saba was admitted into a Unicef-supported Therapeutic Feeding Centre, and gradually her symptoms began to improve. Her weight is now monitored, and Saba has access to beneficial nutrition and support from the local health centre.

Graphic icon to represent girls in emergencies

Conflict since 2015 has led to the internal displacement of 3.6 million people in Yemen, including 2 million children. This is a time of urgent need. The support your Zakat can bring this Ramadan will change children's lives.