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£50 could provide life-saving measles vaccines for 71 children.

£30 could provide an emergency shelter kit to help protect children forced from their homes.

£10 could help provide enough lifesaving food for a child for one week.

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Sorry, the maximum value for setting up a monthly gift online is £1000. If you’d like to make a larger monthly gift please reach out to our Supporter Care team who will be able to assist you.

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Help UNICEF protect play for every child

You’re about to do something amazing.

Childhood should be one endless playtime. But around the world conflict, disease, hunger, poverty and disaster are disrupting play for millions of kids.

We want every child to be in school, learning and playing with their friends. We want every child to have access to safe, clean, water. We want every child to have access to the health care and nutrition they need to grow up happy, healthy, and able to play.

Soccer Aid for UNICEF supports our partners to provide vaccines and clean water so that children can enjoy the carefree childhoods they are entitled to. We help protect children from violence and in times of crisis. We support the safe spaces and the games and toys they need to play.

And we do so much more to allow kids to simply be kids.


UNICEF makes sure more of the world’s children are fed, vaccinated, educated and protected than any other organisation. In over 190 countries, our teams work tirelessly to ensure that children have the chance to thrive from the moment they’re born.

We’ve done more to influence laws, policies and customs to help protect children than any other charity. We get things done. And we’re not going to stop until the world is a safe place for all our children.

We receive no funding from the UN budget. We rely entirely on voluntary donations like yours to fund our vital work to protect children in danger, transforming their lives and building a safer world for tomorrow’s children.

When you donate money online today and support Soccer Aid for UNICEF, you can protect a child in danger, transform their life and build a safer world for tomorrow’s children.

Please give what you can and donate online now. Thank you.