Make Unicef your school's Charity of the Year

Make Unicef your school's charity of the year

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Year-round fundraising with Unicef

Through supporting us with occasional events throughout term and learning about our programme work for children, why not make Unicef your school’s Charity of the Year for the next academic year?  With the commitment of a full year of your fundraising, campaigning and learning activity, we can raise even more money to keep children safe from harm. There’s lots we can offer to help bring Charity of the Year to life at your school, too.

How can your school get involved?

Register now and be the first to hear about the ways to inspire your school each month to help make a difference to children around the world.

Make Unicef your school's charity of the year

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Downloadable resources

Once you’ve registered you’ll be able to request dedicated fundraising support, access a host of classroom materials and be the first to hear about new posters, information leaflets and reports.

In the meantime start by downloading Charity of the Year resources below and get students, staff, parents and your whole school community involved and excited about the year ahead.

Schools #BakeForSYRIA – Winter Fundraising

This winter, we’re asking thousands of schools across the UK to host a #BakeForSYRIA sale and raise money to help Unicef protect Syrian children – find out more and get free materials to bake for Syria here.

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