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Why join a Unicef On Campus society?

On Campus Societies are a vital part of Unicef’s work and a fun and rewarding way to get involved. It’s also a great way to meet new people,  enhance your CV and encourage team building.

Through campaigning and fundraising, you support us in our efforts to protect children in danger, transform their lives and build a better and safer world for tomorrow’s children.

An essential part of campaigning is getting more people to speak up and influence those making decisions that affect children and young people. As a campaigner, we’ll support and encourage you to contact your local MP and local media, and raise awareness within your university community of the issues we campaign on.

As an On Campus society member, you’ll also play a crucial role in raising money for the world’s most vulnerable children: providing access to health care, education, psychosocial support and so much more.

Set up a Unicef On Campus society

Want to set up a society at your university? Follow the steps below and you’ll receive regular communications about Unicef’s work and campaigns, and get support from your On Campus Regional Coordinator as well as experienced Unicef fundraisers and campaigners.

  1. Register with Unicef On Campus by sending the Regional Coordinator in your area an email requesting to set up your society.
  2. Register your society with your Student Union
  3. Recruit enthusiastic and like-minded volunteers using Facebook, Twitter or university media to support Unicef.

Your On Campus Resources

Everything you need to get your society up and running, and to get you started with campaigning and fundraising.

On Campus Handbook


Member recruitment flyer


Campaigning with Unicef UK


Unicef UK's Family Reunification Campaign


Freshers Week Fundraising Leaflet


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