Animata and her newborn

Help protect

Give hope to a generation of newborn children

A parent’s first moments with their baby are filled with hope. Hope for survival. Hope for safety. Hope for a fulfilling life.

But Covid-19 has disrupted essential health services all over the world. For millions of children, a parent’s love won’t be enough to protect them.

This World Children’s Day, we must act now to stop the pandemic from becoming a lasting crisis for children. Together, we can ensure Covid-19 does not define the future of a generation.

Meet new mum

Twenty-year-old Animata is from the Northeast of Côte d’Ivoire.

In February this year, she gave birth to her first child – a healthy boy.

Here she is enjoying a cuddle with her newborn at a Unicef-supported health centre.

At the health centre, Animata was able to get the support she needed to welcome a healthy baby and register his birth.

“Every individual has the right to an identity and we are aware of how important this is for the future of our child,” says her husband Abdoulle as they complete the paperwork for the birth registration.



Join Unicef and help protect Generation Covid

Around the world, not every parent and newborn is receiving the support they need. In fact, Covid-19 has disrupted health services in nine out of ten countries.

Maternal health care is just one of many crucial services the pandemic has damaged. And children will feel the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic for years to come.

We must act now and help stop the pandemic from becoming a lasting crisis for children. Donate today.

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