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After five years of war, thousands of Syria’s children have gone through another bitter winter without shelter.

Four-year-old Noor, her brother Mohammed, 6, and their family fled their home in Syria three years ago, with only the clothes they were wearing.

They now live in the Domiz refugee camp in Iraq, where they’ve received snug winter blankets and other supplies from Unicef.

What can a blanket do?

A thermal blanket can provide vital warmth for children like Noor and Mohammed. Without blankets and winter clothes, the children used to become sick and were unable to go to school. They now attend lessons at a Unicef-supported school in the camp.

In the winter of 2016-7, we provided clothes and essential supplies for over 2.5 million children in Syria and Iraq, as well as for those who’ve taken refuge in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. Unicef’s job is to reach the most vulnerable children, including the youngest, poorest and those living in besieged or hard-to-reach areas.

You can help us reach more children. A donation of £52 could provide sturdy boots for six children, so that they are able to play safely.

Domiz Refugee Camp, Northern Iraq February 2016. Mohammed (6 years) and Noor (4 years) wrapped in a blanket. Asked if they were given any blankets and clothes during the winter their family said ‘They did give us blankets, but it was not enough. I had to buy more. This is the first year that we got given winter clothes. We are grateful because it really did help.’ Unicef/2016/Schermbrucker

Noor, four, and her brother Mohammed, six, wrapped in a blanket at the Domiz refugee camp in Syria.

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A blanket is just the beginning

Schools, hospitals, and electricity, water and sanitation systems have been destroyed during the conflict, meaning that millions of people in Syria and the surrounding countries have little or no access to basic services. Just switching on a light, seeing a doctor, or even just having a drink of water can be impossible.

Unicef is one of the only children’s organisations working inside Syria as well as across the region, and we’ve reached more children with winter supplies than anyone else.

It begins with a blanket. But it doesn't end there. Your donations help keep children in Syria safe and warm in so many ways. Watch and share.

Eight-month-old Ali lives with his family in a school-turned-shelter hosting many families displaced by intense fighting in the western part of Aleppo City. Ali is being treated for malnutrition at the UNICEF-supported health centre. Unicef/2016/Al-Issa

We kept children safe from malnutrition with 29.9 million micro nutrient powder sachets and 25,7 million micro nutrient tablets.

On 8 July, a boy drinks the remaining water in his jerrycan while waiting with other children in a queue for safe water, in the town of Douma in the East Ghouta area of Rural Damascus, about 10 kilometres from Damascus, the capital. Current water availability across Rural Damascus is at just 40 per cent of levels available prior to the war. Local community wells have become the major source of safe water for thousands of civilians. In Douma, children have the task of fetching water for their homes. The conflict-affected town, home to 50,000 people, is host to a large number of internally displaced families and has been under a tight blockade for almost a year. Unicef/2014/Khabieh

More children and families had clean, safe water thanks to the almost 40 million water purification tablets delivered by Unicef.

School children wearing Unicef schoolbags walk in the Domiz refugee camp in Iraq. Unicef/2016/Schermbrucker

We provided 466,000 school bags and 4,000 early childhood development kits to make sure that children could continue learning.

Reaching children with vital supplies

Infographic icon - tent, blanket

children received a winter clothing kit from Unicef last winter

How will my donation help children?

This winter, in addition to providing 924,000 winter clothing kits, we’ve also been heating schools, supplying children with school uniforms, running mobile health facilities and delivering vaccines, and providing families with cash assistance so that they can buy most needed supplies for their families.

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