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Meet Peter and Christopher

When young brothers, Peter, 4, and Christopher, 7, tragically lost their family friend Ehi, they decided to raise money for Unicef in his memory. These incredible young fundraisers were inspired by Ehi’s dedicated support for Unicef, and decided to set off on their bikes in tribute to him.

Ehi became close to the family through playing rugby with Peter and Christopher’s father. He was a great friend to the brothers, and visited them every week to play and chat with them. Unicef’s work for children was a cause close to Ehi’s heart so when he sadly died, his family requested donations to Unicef instead of flowers. Determined to contribute and honour their great friend, the boys set off on a sponsored bike ride around the Tonbridge Racecourse Sports ground in November 2015.

Peter and Christopher before the ride with their dad Ben.

Peter and Christopher before the ride with their dad Ben. "This is for Ehi. He liked Unicef, so I will do my best."

Pre-race nerves

Peter was nervous before the big ride and said, “I will do my best, but I’m scared I can’t finish. I will be so happy to raise money for Unicef.” Christopher says that their determination pushed them through when exhaustion kicked in. 

Impressively, Christopher and Peter not only exceeded their joint five km target, but also beat their fundraising target of £250 by raising an amazing £430. The boys were astonished by the kind support they received from friends and family.

Peter on his bike during the 5 km cycle ride for Unicef

A touching tribute

Their mum Lucy explained that raising money in tribute to Ehi has been invaluable in helping the family to deal with his death, and said it had been an emotional but healing process. “Ehi always brought a smile to my face,” said Christopher. And now, thanks to the boys’ efforts, he will bring a smile to the faces of children around the world. 

Christopher and Peter’s incredible bike ride is a touching tribute to their friend and his support for Unicef.  The money they’ve raised will help Unicef to make a last change to children’s lives – wherever they are and whatever dangers they face.

To find out more about raising funds in memory of a loved one please contact us – we’d be happy to hear from you.

All photos: Unicef/2016/Zaug

Christopher and Peter were delighted to have completed their cycle ride.