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U-Report is a global messaging service specifically for young people where you can comment on local and national issues that affect you and the people around you.

U-Report gathers opinions and information from young people about issues that affect them – from homelessness to climate change to the government’s immigration policy – and uses the data to show those making the decisions what they need to change.

Why would I become a U-Reporter?

Through U-Report, you’ll be able to add your voice to campaigns on things that you care about – like protecting refugees, or beating bullying in schools.  There’ll even be opportunities for U-Reporters to set the regular polls, allowing you to determine the U-Report process and direction, and gather information to support your own campaigning on issues you care about.

The pilot is being run alongside a steering group of young people ©Unicef UK

Your opinions can lead to big changes
Photo: Unicef UK

I really enjoyed being involved in U-report - getting to spread positivity and exploring other young people's feedback towards it.

I think that its really important young people have a voice. Because young people are the future generation of tomorrow and as technology advances so do the minds of the new.

Fabien, U-Reporter

How does U-Report actually work?

It’s pretty simple. You can sign up to be a U-Reporter on Facebook messenger either by scanning the QR code below, or messaging the word JOIN to U-Report on Facebook. As a U-Reporter, you’ll get regular poll questions and results, allowing you to voice your opinion and see the change you’re helping to achieve. You can also check out the U-Report website for live results during the week.

Remember, U-Report is for young people aged 13 – 25.

Register for U-Report on Facebook.

To get started scan the QR code above and message us to join.

After asking to join, you will then receive some simple questions to complete your registration. All data will be held securely, and we will never ask you for any personal or identifiable details.

After you answer the questions about you, you will receive a welcome message. You are now officially a U-Reporter!

U-Report across the globe

U-Report can, and has, made change for young people around the world. U-Reporters in Liberia were asked a question from Unicef, The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Gender on the topic of sexual abuse in schools in return for grades. The results came in thick and fast, and 8 in 10 young people in Liberia said sex for grades is a problem, based on 13,000 responses within 24 hours to a U-report question on the issue.

That’s loads! After the poll, all U-Reporters were told how to report abuse. The Ministry of Gender provided a helpline number for children, offering advice and support; it was inundated with calls. The same week, Unicef staff met the Minister of Education in Liberia to discuss the results and make a plan to address the issue. They’re now working together to improve child protection in schools.

Become a U-Reporter today!

So what are you waiting for? Make sure your voice is heard and join U-Report by scanning the QR code.

If you’re a parent or teacher, we have free U-Report resources available to download.

Register for U-Report on Facebook.

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