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If you have made a text donation to a UNICEF appeal, you might have received a call from this number: 0203 476 0307.

This number belongs to NTT, one of our partners. Their fundraisers call supporters to thank them for their donation to UNICEF and let them know about other opportunities to help protect children from danger.

NTT also uses the numbers 0117 298 1127, 0117 298 0046 and 0203 476 5305 to contact UNICEF’s supporters for our other campaigns.

We use a professional fundraising partner to contact our supporters because it’s more cost effective for us to work in partnership with NTT than to employ fundraisers directly.

If you have concerns about calls from 0203 476 0307 or any of the other numbers mentioned.

Anyone who calls you from this number or the others listed above should be knowledgeable about UNICEF, and able to provide you with contact details to confirm that their call is genuine.

If you ever have any concerns, or want to find out more about how UNICEF fundraises,  please contact our Supporter Care Team or call 0300 330 5580 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm).

Questions? Email our Supporter Care team

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