Tackling malnutrition in Liberia

A groundbreaking philanthropic initiative

Help transform a country’s future

Around the world, every 15 seconds a child dies as a result of malnutrition. In Liberia, almost a third of children are malnourished. Together, we can change this.

By supporting critical interventions and promoting good nutrition practices, you can make a positive impact for Liberia, its economy and its future.

For more information on our Liberia Nutrition Initiative, please contact Francesca Marina Galliano at francescag@unicef.org.uk

What is the Liberia Nutrition Initiative?

Unicef has been working with the Government of Liberia on an ambitious, nationwide programme to reduce malnutrition in children under five.

We’re targeting the most critical stage of a child’s development – their first 1,000 days. Inadequate nutrition during this time can have irreversible effects on the physical and cognitive development of a child, known as stunting.

Join our groundbreaking Liberia initiative and help tackle the root causes of malnutrition.

Support long-term solutions

To break the cycle of malnutrition for good, the programme provides immediate, life-saving interventions to prevent malnutrition, like distributing vital supplements to mothers and children. It also delivers long-term interventions like counselling for mothers to support them to breastfeed.

We’re also working to improve access to healthcare services and provide training for health workers and volunteers to identify and treat malnourished children.

Right across Liberia, through nationwide outreach campaigns, we’re promoting good nutrition practices, while working with policy makers to ensure nutrition is treated as a national priority.

Why invest in Liberia?

It’s simple. Every £1 invested in nutrition on average has an estimated return of £16.

Liberia is a small country, with high levels of poverty and one of the highest child mortality rates in the world. This groundbreaking, philanthropic initiative will be tackling this using a new combination of interventions which, once proven successful, can be replicated across other countries in need.

All donations to Unicef’s nutrition initiative in Liberia will be matched pound for pound by the Power of Nutrition. This incredible opportunity will enable Liberia to shape the future of its communities, families and children.

Yassah feeds Watta, her 6-month-old daughter, a nutritious porridge prepared in front of other mothers. A part of Unicef Liberia's nutrition programme, these cooking demonstrations help tackle the country's malnutrition crisis. Photo: Unicef/Maule-ffinch

Join the Liberia Initiative

  • Join a ground-breaking philanthropic movement determined to change the future of an entire country
  • Be invited to exclusive events with Unicef UK’s President and Vice Presidents
  • Have the opportunity to visit the programme in Liberia (depending on level of investment)
  • Pool your investment with other philanthropists, and achieve greater impact for children
  • Receive regular updates and reports from Liberia.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in the Liberia Initiative or looking to make a big donation, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us at francescag@unicef.org.uk and a member of our Philanthropy team will be in touch.

Every donation you make will be doubled by The Power of Nutrition – a charitable foundation – so it will go even further to help to prevent malnutrition for children in Liberia.