These children in Chad are protected from malaria-carrying mosquitos by mosquito nets. Photo: Unicef/Chat 2011/Kelley Lynch

Protecting children
from deadly malaria

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This year, millions more children at risk of deadly malaria will be safe, thanks to you.

These beautiful images from around the world show how your support is helping Unicef to protect vulnerable children from malaria.

An AMCP doctor performs a malaria test in the village of Manadougou, located in the district of Ouellesebougou, Mali on November 29th, 2012. Photo: Unicef/Mali 2013/Bindra
As well as distributing mosquito nets, Unicef uses Rapid Diagnostic Tests to check whether children are suffering from malaria.
Linet Atieno is healthy and energetic because she sleeps under an LLIN. In May 2006, Sumitomo Chemical donated over 333,000 Olyset nets to the Millennium Villages project ( Olyset nets use advanced chemical technology to incorporate the insecticide permethrin within the net's fibres and slow-release over a period of at least five years. Olyset is sold at minimum cost to public health institutions as part of Sumitomo Chemical's corporate social responsibility program -- and is the only WHO-approved LLIN manufactured in Africa, currently providing more than 1,200 jobs in Arusha, Tanzania. For more information see
Linet Atieno is healthy and energetic because she sleeps under treated mosquito net, keeping her safe from malaria.
Unicef/Kenya 2007/Hallahan
A nurse hands out drugs for Mary Sowa, 1, who suffers from malaria, as she lies on the lap of her mother Mariatu Kamara, 18, at the under-5 clinic of the Kenema government hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone on Tuesday March 15, 2011. Photo: Unicef/Sierra Leone
One-year-old Mary receives her anti-malarial drugs after a Rapid Diagnostic Test showed she has malaria.
Photo: Unicef/Kenya 2007/ Asselin
Four-month-old Davida smiles under her new mosquito net
Unicef/Kenya 2007/ Hallahan

All over the world, your support is saving children’s lives and keeping them safe and healthy – thank you.