Report Card 11: Child well-being in rich countries

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UNICEF’s latest Report Card compares child well-being in the world’s richest countries. The report is a follow-up to Report Card 7, which in 2007 placed the UK at the bottom of 21 developed countries for overall child well-being.

UK child well-being: what the report says

Setting out the latest available overview of child well-being in 29 of the world’s most advance economies, this report puts the UK in 16th position, below Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Portugal.

Worrying findings include high rates of teenage pregnancy, and high numbers of young people out of education, employment and training. The UK has one of the highest alcohol abuse rates among 11-15 year olds, and was placed in the bottom third of the infant mortality league table.

Although the Report Card shows the UK moved up the league table in overall well being, since 2010 the downgrading of youth policy and cuts to local government services are having a profound negative effect on young people age 15-19.