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Being reaccredited

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Both Silver and Gold Awards are granted for a period of three years.

This makes sure that an awarded school continues to be rights respecting, and the values and ethos remain have to remain in place within the school. After three years have passed, all schools are reaccredited.

What is reaccreditation?

Nearly all schools that have achieved Silver will be well on the way to achieving Gold within three years and are not normally reaccredited at Silver. Occasionally, if there have been a lot of changes within a school, the leadership team might request a reaccreditation at Silver.

All schools that have achieved Gold are reaccredited at Gold. The process for reaccreditation is identical to the Gold assessment. Very occasionally, if there have been a lot of changes within a school, the leadership team might request a reaccreditation at Silver.

Is there an assessment visit for reaccreditation? What's the cost of this?

Yes, a Unicef representative will visit your school to assess whether you still meet all the requirements for Gold. The cost for the assessment visit is dependent on your school size.

Find out more about our costs.


What happens when I think my school is ready for reaccreditation?

You need to complete the Gold Progress and Evaluation form to check that you are ready and then contact your Professional Advisor to book a date.


Early reaccreditation under exceptional circumstances

In the extremely unlikely instance of a Rights Respecting school experiencing an event or circumstances that put it at odds with its Rights Respecting status (at either Silver or Golds) the Programme Director may ask that the school be reaccredited sooner than the three-year life of the award. This would be done to support the school at a difficult time and, out of respect to all our other schools, to maintain the consistency and status of the RRSA.

Remember that many schools have embraced the rights respecting journey precisely to respond to challenge and to help them facilitate effective and sustainable school improvement.

This approach has been approved by our Schools Accreditation and Standards Committee and this is made clear to schools at the time they are awarded Silver or Gold.

There will be no charge for a reaccreditation assessment carried out at our request due to exceptional circumstances.