What is Sustaining Gold?

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When schools achieve Gold: Rights Respecting, we recognise your ongoing commitment to children’s rights and that your relationship with us deepens.

To ensure we are still having an impact on children, the RRSA beyond Gold will focus on sustainable Rights Respecting practice, supporting schools to sustainably embed the CRC in policy, practice and ethos. It’s about keeping rights explicit and strengthening and deepening your current work.

In 2019, we consulted all of our Gold schools to understand how the RRSA could support and accredit schools once they they have achieved Gold: Rights Respecting practice. To ensure schools maintain the RRSA Strands and Outcomes at Gold: Rights Respecting, we will reaccredit your school at Gold every three years. We have streamlined the reaccreditation process at Gold, and following your feedback, your Gold reaccreditation process will have less paperwork, lower cost and the opportunity for you to showcase your work in a way that suits you.

To be reaccredited at Gold: Rights Respecting, schools will be visited by a Unicef UK RRSA assessor(s) who will look at the whole school’s rights respecting work against the RRSA Strands and Outcomes at Gold, and how that has been sustained since your previous Gold accreditation.

We are going to pilot this process, so we would appreciate any feedback as you work through it. Please get in touch with your Professional Adviser or rrsa@unicef.org.uk.


Being reaccredited at Gold: Rights Respecting means there is evidence that:

  • Your school continues to explicitly adopt a child rights approach based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and sustainably embeds it in school policy, practice and culture
  • Children, young people and adults’ understanding of child rights remains, and there are processes in place to ensure new people who start at your school have this understanding. Rights Respecting attitudes and language are still embedded across the school
  • The RRSA has a positive impact on children and young people’s learning and wellbeing in a sustainable way
  • Students continue to see themselves as Rights Respecting global citizens and advocate for social justice, fairness and children’s rights at home and abroad


Children and young people continue to play a leading role in driving progress through your RRSA Steering Group (or equivalent). To be reaccredited at Gold, we expect you to still focus on the same three RRSA Strands:

  1. Teaching and Learning about rights: for the whole school community through training, curriculum, assemblies, topics, focus days/weeks, displays
  2. Teaching and Learning through rights: by modelling rights respecting language and attitudes and making strategic decisions that involve students
  3. Being ambassadors for the rights of others: developing as rights respecting citizens


Find out how to work towards sustaining Gold: Rights Respecting.