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Child rights Launchpad is an interactive resources developed by Unicef UK as part of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. It helps children and young people explore their rights under the CRC.

We asked Launchpad users to develop a game that could be easily played in a playground, sports hall or classroom. The game needed to have the broad aim of helping other children to understand an individual article or the CRC or a rights-related concept such as ‘participation’, ‘tolerance’ or ‘equality’.

Winners were chosen in three categories 3 -7 years, 8 – 12 years and 13 – 18 years.

Winner in the 13 – 18 years category:

Daniel Cowie from Pentland School with Corners Quiz.

How to play:

You will need the two corner cards. A big enough area for people to move around in a access the two corners. You need four or more people to play.

To play, first choose someone to read the questions. Each player will answer a question and move to the corner. The reader will read out the correct answer but nobody will go out. Keep playing until the reader has read out all of the questions. The person who gets the most questions right will be the winner.

Download and print off to play this game

Winner in the 8 – 12 years category:

Isla Belford from Aberlour Primary School with The Rights Stealer game.

How to play:

Everyone bar one lines up along the wall. That one person is the Rights Stealer. Everyone else picks up a card with a right on it. When the Rights Stealer says your right you have to try and run to the other side.  If you get caught and your rights are stolen you have to stand on the spot and catch people. the winner is the last one left.

Winner in the 3 – 7 years category

Katie Robertson, Emily Allott and Phoebe Watkins from Ruthvenfield Primary School with Article Polo

How to play:

Based on the traditional Marco Polo this game links to Article 12 to reinforce that children have the right to be heard. One person is ‘it’ and the rest of the players are to be caught.

Space needed depends on numbers. For a class of 20 we used half a tennis court. Materials needed include a blind fold.

  • Everyone stand within the boundary.
  • One person is blind folded and call out, ‘Article 12?’
  • Move in the direction of the others who answer with ‘the Right to be Heard!’
  • Tag the people shouting out.
  • Once you are caught you are out.
  • If you move out of the boundary you are out.
  • Make the area smaller the more people who are caught.
  • For safety use a flat area so there is nothing to trip up on.