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Child Rights Launchpad is Unicef’s award-winning free digital resource for children and young people.

Please note that the Launchpad project will be reaching a conclusion in April, more information can be found here

Child Rights Launchpad has been designed with Curriculum for Excellence in mind, so it will also help you to meet the broader rights and well-being objectives in your school. The space-themed interactive website takes children and young people on an exciting journey to explore their rights in the UK, and the rights of their peers around the world.

The resource has been developed as part of Unicef’s partnership with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and is currently only available in Scotland.

Who is Child Rights Launchpad for?

Launchpad is for children and young people aged three to 18. The game is designed at three different levels, broadly aimed at three separate age bands.

Each level has rights ‘missions’ and corresponding offline activities.

You can see the Mission-by-Mission guidance for each level here:

These documents, along with the Adult Guidance, will help you to plan your Launchpad lessons.

Launchpad screen shot of 'missions'

“The Launchpad is an excellent tool for all ages to learn in an interactive way about rights.”

Accreditation and Standards Committee

How does it work?

  • All adult guides wishing to use Launchpad need to register online for their free account. Once their registration is approved they will receive a Launchpad code by email.
  • To play the game, children sign up for a ‘child account’ using their adult guide’s Launchpad code in the registration process. This links the ‘child account’ with their guide’s account, enabling the guide to see how they progress though the missions.
  • Guides who want to use Launchpad in a group setting, for example through an interactive whiteboard, should create one child account with their group.
  • Once the ‘child account’ has been created, children can create their own avatar. This personalised character will go on missions to explore the different planets, each one representing one of 42 articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Each ‘mission’ requires the completion of six planets. As children progress through the resource, they receive ‘rewards’ for their character and personalised certificates to mark their achievement.

Start your Launchpad journey: 

If you have any queries about getting started get in touch with the RRSA Team.

Launchpad's personalised avatar