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Here are the key forms and documents you will need to sustain your Gold practice and be reaccredited at Gold: Rights Respecting.

We recognise that each of our Gold schools has embraced the CRC in unique ways to suit their school context, and therefore we don’t have a fixed checklist of how you should sustain your Gold work. However, please read our guidance of what you could do to sustain Gold and how to prepare for your reaccreditation visit.

If you have any queries, or would like further advice and support, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the RRSA Team at or your regional Professional Adviser.

The Strands and Outcomes of the Award

For a school to be reaccredited at Gold: Rights Respecting, there must be evidence that it has sustained the three strands of a Rights Respecting School at Gold. A school uses these strands and other guidance provided to plan and monitor progress.

RRSA Strands and Outcomes at Silver and Gold


Sustaining Gold: Reaccreditation Submission Form

Use the Sustaining Gold: Reaccreditation Submission Form to prioritise and highlight key achievements and evidence. This can be a working document as you continue your Gold practice, so keep adding actions and reviewing your current position to identify the impact that being Rights Respecting continues to have on your school.

Sustaining Gold: Reaccreditation Submission Form


Sustaining your impact

We need to evaluate our work to help ensure that we are having a positive impact on the lives of children. The Schools Questionnaire Guidance below explains how we are evaluating the impact of the Award and what support we need from your school to do this.

Before starting to collect the data, please ensure you read the Schools Questionnaire: Guidance as it provides more detail about the process.

The questionnaires are available below and are also available online. If you would like to do the questionnaires online, please email your Professional Adviser and, who can give you access to them.

School Questionnaire Guidance


Schools Questionnaire Summary spreadsheet


RRSA Pupil Questionnaire - Primary Schools


RRSA Pupil Questionnaire - Secondary Schools


RRSA Staff Questionnaire


Reaccreditation visit programme

At a Gold reaccreditation visit, your school has the flexibility to create your own programme for the day to showcase your Rights Respecting achievements in a way that suits you, as long as the day includes:

  • Meeting a range of students in your school, including 20 minutes to speak to your RRSA Steering Group
  • 10 minutes for the assessors to gather their feedback before they speak with the headteacher, SLT and RRSA coordinator. Please allocate a space for the assessors to do this
  • 30 minutes at the end to feedback and review the visit with your headteacher, SLT and RRSA coordinator

You could also include a learning walk around your school to show key features, an opportunity speak to children and young people not in your Steering Group, and an opportunity to speak to other adults in your school and school community – but it’s completely up to you!

The reaccreditation visit takes between 2 and 2.5 hours.

Read more about the Gold: Rights Respecting reaccreditation process here. Although we encourage you to be creative with your reaccrediation visit programme, you might find it useful to look at the accreditation visit programme template for Gold.

Gold accreditation visit programme template