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Free debate resource ‘Should Borders exist?’

The weekly debating and voting platform VotesforSchools is working again with Unicef, this time to ask the question ‘Should boarders exist?’ to tie in with Refugee week.
There are separate resources for KS1 Primary; KS2 Primary & Secondary; and are perfect for Rights Respecting Schools, Prevent and fundamental British values.

"We start the week with the VotesforSchools topic and make that the focus of the week. Every week we have a gold star stamp which references which Right that VoteTopic covers, and the kids track it themselves. It is brilliant"
Ormiston South Parade, Bronze, Newcastle


KS2 30-60 Minute Presentation
KS2 Lesson Plan
KS1 15-30 Minute Presentation
KS1 Lesson Plan
Cross Curricular Ideas
SMSC, RRSA, British Values and Prevent evidence


15 Minute Lesson Presentation
15 Minute Lesson Plan
45 Minute Lesson Presentation
45 Minute Lesson Plan
Cross Curricular Ideas
SMSC, RRSA,British Values and Prevent evidence

VotesforSchools is designed so that all SMSC and Prevent criteria are met, and the schools’ results prove instant evidence to Ofsted and ISI of consistent and quality delivery.

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