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VotesforSchools is an innovative new platform that facilitates a weekly debate and vote on current affairs for children across the country. At the end of the week, results are shared publicly, hugely raising the profile of pupil voice.

Children and young people love debating and knowing their right to express their views, and for those views to be taken seriously, are being met. Last year 40 topics were debated by over 100,000 children, and some of the results from the debates fed directly into Government.

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The resources below are designed to be used in conjunction with Outright 2017.

Primary Resources:

Secondary Resources:

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"We start the week with the VotesforSchools topic and make that the focus of the week. Every week we have a gold star stamp which references which Right that VoteTopic covers, and the kids track it themselves. It is brilliant"
Ormiston South Parade, Bronze, Newcastle

VotesforSchools is designed so that all SMSC and Prevent criteria are met, and the schools’ results prove instant evidence to Ofsted and ISI of consistent and quality delivery.

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