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What is the Level 1 Rights Respecting Schools Award?

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The Level 1 Rights Respecting Schools Award is the second stage of the award (after Recognition of Commitment).

The Level 1 Award is granted by Unicef UK to schools that show good progress towards embedding children’s rights in the school’s policy, practice and ethos, as outlined in our four standards and in our Expected Outcomes at Level 1.

When you have been awarded your RRSA Recognition of Commitment, the next step is to work towards achieving Level 1 of the Rights Respecting Schools Award. You will be awarded your Level 1 after an assessment visit by a Unicef UK assessor.


Suggested Assessment Day Programme


RRSA Level 1 Progress and Evaluation Form


Achieving Level 1 means there is evidence that:

  • your school is explicitly embedding the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in its policy, practice and culture
  • you are putting into action and developing the plans outlined on your Level 1 Audit and Action Plan which you submitted to get your ROC.
  • you are beginning to see the positive impact of these actions on children, young people and staff, and also on the school’s  ethos, practice and environment
  • you are promoting knowledge and understanding of the Convention throughout  your school community
  • children and young people are beginning to see themselves as rights-respecting global citizens and advocates for fairness and children’s rights locally and globally.

More information on each of these steps is available under Working towards Level 1.

Our training course Starting RRSA Part 2 provides an opportunity to discuss achieving Level 1 with a Professional Advisor and share your progress with other schools at the same stage.


Impact Evaluation Form


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to achieve Level 1?

Schools tend to take between 12 – 18 months, but it depends on each school and the priority RRSA is given within school by the senior leadership team.

What do I do to ensure staff have the right key messages about RRSA, feel confident to teach about the Convention and incorporate it into their teaching?

Is there an assessment visit for Level 1? How much does it cost?

Yes, a Unicef UK RRSA representative will visit your school to assess whether you have reached Level 1. The cost for the assessment visit is currently £475 + VAT (less if your school has fewer than 50 pupils).

What happens when I think my school is ready to be assessed?

You need to complete the Level 1 Progress and Evaluation Form to check that you are ready and then contact your Professional Advisor to book a date.

What happens on the assessment day?

Please see the suggested programme for the day outlining what happens on the assessment day. You will be invited to adapt the programme to suit your school day.

How long is the Award valid for?

The Level 1 Award (and the Level 2) is valid for 3 years.

What happens when we have had the Award for 3 years?

Most schools are assessed for the Level 2 Award within three years of achieving Level 1. If you don’t think you are quite ready you can be re-assessed at Level 1.