Bronze, Silver, Gold

Your strengthened and streamlined programme is here

During the autumn term you will have seen the following that:

  1. After consultation with children and schools we have renamed the stages to Gold, Silver and Bronze – these will apply from your next assessment.
  2. We have strengthened and streamlined the structure of the programme to focus on outcomes for children and young people.
  3. We know that you have a lot to do, so we are rationalising our documentation, requiring less paperwork and providing clearer guidance.
  4. We are passionate about making a difference for children and so we expect a faster rate of progress by schools through the stages of the programme.
  5. We are providing more support in the form of online training to newly registered schools to enable everyone to get off to a good start.
  6. We have reviewed our charges in line with developing a stronger programme model, and after consultation with head teachers, our charges are now banded according to school size. The Rights Respecting Schools Award does not make a profit – our charges simply aim to cover the costs of running the programme

There are some schools whose development through the programme has not progressed as we would have hoped.  Schools who registered with us before 2017 and have not achieved their Bronze award by the end of March will be deregistered during April and May 2018. If you wish to rejoin the programme, you will be required to pay a registration charge.

We recognise the many challenges that schools face and we want to support you in making a difference for children and young people. If your school needs any assistance, please contact your Professional Adviser or email