Bronze, Silver, Gold: Grow with us

Your school is part of something big

We want children’s rights to be a lived reality in schools throughout the UK.

We believe that child rights education gives young people the best chance to grow into respectful, active and resilient citizens.

The Rights Respecting Schools Award is reaching more schools than ever before. Over 4,500 schools in the UK are registered as Rights Respecting and we reach over 1.5 million children every day. In Scotland, over 50% of schools are working towards the Award. We are building momentum as a programme, and gaining respect from politicians and inspection organisations.

Our ultimate goal is to see children’s rights as an embedded part of the education system. This is an ambitious long-term goal, and to reach it we must evolve as a programme, building on the good practice we already see in schools.

Building a rights-based community

Being a Rights Respecting School is about more than just ‘doing the Award’. It’s about becoming a rights-based community in which children are valued and are able to thrive. In order to achieve this we need every school to make progress through the programme.

So we are going to strengthen and streamline the programme, asking schools to focus on outcomes for children rather than specific processes.

For example, at Gold – Rights Respecting, we ask what children know and understand about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, rather than expecting to see plans for all curriculum areas. This approach allows you to be much more flexible about which processes bring about the best outcomes for young people.

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