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From Registered to Bronze in seven modules

Recently registered for the Award? If so, our Starting the RRSA Online course is here to help you kick start your Rights Respecting journey.

Over seven short modules we will guide you towards applying for the first stage of the RRSA, Bronze: Rights Committed, from setting up your Steering Group to submitting your action plan to our team. You will be able to share ideas with other teachers in our online community, and our Professional Advisers will be on hand offer expert guidance along the way.

Online training lets you fit in the groundwork needed to get to the first stage of the Award at a time that suits you. Each module contains approximately 30 minutes of online material followed by an hour of ‘homework’ where you put your knowledge into action.

So that you can continue your Rights Respecting work whilst schools are closed, Starting RRSA Online is free for all adults at participating schools during this time. To get access, email us at with the name of your school and the online course you’d like access to.

Starting RRSA Online was excellent in guiding us through the first stage of the Award with a bit of flexibility since it is often difficult to fit things in whilst coping with existing workload.
Teacher from a Rights Respecting School

Here’s what you can expect during the course:

Module 1 – Introducing the Rights Respecting Schools Award, including the aims of the RRSA and the RRSA journey

Module 2 – Introducing children’s rights, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), and the work of Unicef in relation to these

Module 3 – Introducing the first stage of the RRSA, Bronze: Rights Committed, and the first step in achieving this

Module 4 – Learning about pupil participation and the second step in achieving the Bronze: the RRSA Steering Group

Module 5 – Introducing how to review your school to measure how Rights Respecting your school already is

Module 6 – Introducing the Action Plan for Silver, the final component in achieving Bronze: Rights Committed

Module 7 – How to apply for Bronze: Rights Committed and providing you with a chance to check your progress

Support – If you are having any technical problems, please get in contact with the RRSA central team at If you have any questions about the course material, you can contact your Professional Adviser.