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Bespoke support delivered at your school

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We recognise that some schools might want bespoke or tailored training to support their Rights Respecting journey.

We offer two types of support:

  • School support visits – support for all staff at your school
  • Cluster support – support for a group or cluster of schools in an area

School support visits

The nature of the support visit will be agreed by your regional Professional Adviser and the school’s RRSA programme lead.

Support visits can be booked by schools on a day or half day basis. The visits should be booked at least one month in advance.

  • Half day support: £500 (up to 50 participants), £750 (over 50 participants)
  • Full day support: £900 (up to 50 participants), £1350 (over 50 participants)
  • Support visits: £350 –  2 hours
  • Twilight support visits (after school hours): £350 –  1.5 hours to 2 hours

Contact your regional Professional Adviser to book any support days or visits – you can find your Professional Adviser here. For questions, email us at

Cluster support for groups of schools in one area

We also offer support by group or cluster of schools.

Like individual school visits, cluster support to schools will vary in nature and can be tailored to the group’s needs. School cluster packages can be economical in terms of joint working.

Please get in touch with your regional Professional Adviser to find out more.