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Giving young people a say on reasonable punishment

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Ask other schools in Wales to join the debate.

Help students influence Welsh government policy on an issue that will affect young people for generations to come.

What is this consultation about?

It’s currently against the law to hit a child except when this is seen as a ‘reasonable punishment’. Removing the defence of ‘reasonable punishment’ would make it clear that physically punishing children isn’t acceptable in Wales.

The Welsh government is carrying out a public consultation to understand how people feel about legislation that prevents the physical punishment of children and young people. They have asked us to help collect and feedback the views of children and young people in Rights Respecting schools in Wales.

As a Rights Respecting school, we would strongly encourage you to take part in the consultation.

What are we asking you to do?

We have worked with Votes for Schools to develop a lesson plan and a set of resources to facilitate a conversation on this issue within the classroom.

We want you use the lesson resources below and to VOTE on this issue with your class. We would also like you to gather young people’s views during the lesson and send them back to the Rights Respecting Team by email using the form below.

This feedback will then be complied into a report that we will provide to the Welsh Government.

This report will help the Government understand what young people think about removing the defence of reasonable punishment in relation to the physical punishment of children.

In England, Scotland or Northern Ireland?

Join the Debate

Next steps:

  1. Before you carry out this activity it is important you read the safeguarding guidance.
  2. Then gather consent from children and young people as well as their parents and carers .
  3. Download the lesson plan and activity pack and carry out the lesson and VOTE using the information on the penultimate slide in the lesson Power Point pack.
  4.  Send us feedback and comments from your class to us by 19th March to RRSA@unicef.org.uk

1. Safeguarding Guidance


2. Consent form for children and young people


3. Information and consent for parents and carers


5. Primary Feedback Form


Lesson Resources

At present we are only able to provide a primary resource for this activity. For more information please contact rrsa@unicef.org.uk

Primary Lesson - 30 to 60 mins