Maria is running in memory of five-year-old Erin, who she used to look after. Photo Unicef 2016 Mirjan Kernaja

Running in memory
of five-year-old Erin

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Maria Jones is from Northern Ireland where she worked as five-year-old Erin Bonar’s childminder. Tragically, last month Erin fell ill and passed away, leaving behind loving family and friends. Maria has decided to run the London 10,000 on 25 May for Erin, so that Erin’s memory will be kept alive through helping others. This is Maria’s story: 

I am Maria Jones and I live in Northern Ireland. I was five year old Erin Bonar’s childminder. Erin left my house  on 12 March, happy and with the “see you next week” goodbye. Sadly Erin became sick on the 13th and was taken to the hospital a day later. Erin went into a deep sleep on Mothering Sunday and passed away on 17 March, St.Patrick’s Day.

Erin will be missed terribly by her parents Karl and Susan, big brother Jack and twin brother Rhys. Erin’s organs were donated to help save other sick children, so even in death, Erin is having a positive impact to our world.

I am not Erin’s mother but I’m grieving like one. Erin gave me so much joy and laughter. Our hearts are broken, but we will forever keep her memory alive by helping others.

I wish that I had hugged her more, kissed her more and loved her more. She will never be forgotten.

I am running the London 10k in memory of Erin, and supporting Unicef UK’s incredible work for children around the world.

Maria Jones training for the Bupa London 10,000 in Erin's memory

Maria Jones training for the Bupa London 10,000 in Erin's memory