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A child has the potential to change their family, their community, their country and even the world. But only when they’re given the chance to survive and thrive.  

Too many times, a child’s potential is cut short. Shockingly, with each year that passes, another 5 million children won’t see their fifth birthday.  

Most die from diseases that are preventable, like pneumonia, measles and malnutrition.  

The death of one child is an unimaginable loss to a family and community. The death of millions is an irreplaceable loss to our world. 

Every child should #SurvivePastFive

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Take the side of children

This year, on the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), we are urging the Prime Minister to help end the preventable deaths of children under 5.  

The UNCRC is an important document that makes sure every government in the world must do all they can to ensure that every child can survive and thrive.  

Unfortunately, we are failing in this commitment.  

Boris Johnson, our new Prime Minister can help change this.  

Over the next year, there are key political opportunities where the Prime Minister can make ambitious commitments to help ensure that no child dies before the age of 5 from a disease that could be prevented.  

A child’s potential is not determined by where they are born. But sadly, their chances of reaching it can be.  

Join us and tell the Prime Minister that he must ensure every child can reach theirs.

Join us to urge the Government to help babies like little Sofia survive and thrive

Take the side of children

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How can we end these preventable deaths?

Every year, more than 5.6 million children die before their fifth birthday. And nearly half of those children died within their first month of life

Many of the diseases and conditions claiming the lives of children under 5 are easily preventable, treatable or curable.   

We know how to stop these deaths. We have the medicine. We have the technology.  

Pneumonia – an infection which can be vaccinated against or treated with a course of antibiotics – is the biggest killer of children under 5 worldwide.  

Add your voice to take the side of children now.

How can I help be part of the change?

The death of one child is an unimaginable loss to a family and community. The death of millions is an irreplaceable loss to our world. 

There are key moments over the coming months and years where the Prime Minister can commit to focusing efforts, strategies and funds to ensure that more vaccinations and treatments get to the children who need them most. 

Only with your help can we make sure that this happens. 

Add your voice to ensure that our new Prime Minister and his Government commit to putting children and their right to survive and thrive at the heart of their work.