this action has now closed

Thanks for clicking through to our action. The action is now closed, but there are other ways for you to campaign to protect children around the world.

You can’t see it, but right here in the UK there is a dangerous threat to children’s health: toxic air. In 71% of UK towns and cities, children are breathing harmful levels of air pollution. Join our fight today to protect children from deadly toxic air.

If you’re over 18, check out our Children’s Champion Network – a group of campaigners who regularly contact MPs, engage with local media, raise awareness of our campaigns in their constituency and receive support from Unicef UK to campaign effectively. If you’re aged between 13 and 25, then check out our U-Report UK pilot where you can use your opinions and views to hold decision makers to account. Or, if you are a teacher or involved in working with young people, why not check out our OutRight resources?