Thank you

for contacting your MP

Thank you for getting in touch with your MP. With more pressure on the UK Government, we will be a stronger and more united voice to demand not just commitment but a concrete plan, legally binding targets and the funding needed to tackle the impacts of toxic air on children.

To find out how we are getting on and what else you can do to protect children from toxic air, keep an eye on our campaign pages and make sure you’ve added your name to our petition.

In the meantime, do share the campaign with your friends and family – the more people that get involved, the louder our voices will be and the closer we’ll get to protecting children’s health and futures.


Want to delve deeper?

We have been working with professionals across the health sector to publish a new report setting out a comprehensive, evidence-based case for protecting children from toxic air.  Find out what we’re calling for and why by downloading the report today.


Healthy Air for Every Child: A Call for National Action


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