It's time for children to take over

Celebrate children's voices by giving them a say this World Children's Day

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Take the Children Takeover Challenge

We want this year’s World Children’s Day to be for children, by children. And we want you to help us make it happen. Children have a right to be heard. How different would our world be if we truly listened to them?  This World Children’s Day, we will get a glimpse at what would happen.

On 20 November, celebrate the value that young people can offer by encouraging the children in your life to take over for the day. Children can takeover however you want, or better still, how they want! For inspiration, we’ve pulled together a few starter ideas below.

You can share your experiences with #childrentakeover


On World Children’s Day, we've asked children their advice for grown-ups. Watch some 6-11-year-olds offer adults some insightful life advice.

How children can take over

Hosting a dinner party

Putting on a really good dinner party can be great fun and very rewarding. Children can try their hand at:

– Choosing the food and designing a menu
– Deciding who’s invited and putting together a guest list
– Staffing their kitchen and dining room (who will be the sous chef and who will set the table?).
– Choosing the decor, music and lighting.

Teaching the family something new

This is a great opportunity for talented children to teach the older among us something new. Try running a skill share and encourage children to teach adults:

-Their best skill – whatever it might be
-Their favourite thing they’ve learned in school that week
-Their favourite game or activity

Giving the family a makeover

Let the children be the family stylists for a day. Let them choose what everyone wears as well as makeup and accessories.

If you’re brave enough, you could even all go out afterwards to show off your new style to the world.

Give the house a makeover

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to put up decorations. Try encouraging children to make decorations for their rooms or the whole house.

Or they could take over a room for the day, rearrange the furniture or build a den.

Taking over the entertainment for a night

This family’s got talent! Turn off the TV for the night and have the children put on a show. Singing, dancing, acting, comedy or a full variety, you can leave it up to them. You could even help them make tickets and a programme.

Leading an adventure

For the adventurous. Allow your children to lead an expedition into the wild. They could:

-Take the family on a walk, day or night
-Build a camp or den for everyone
-Build, and cook on, a campfire

At Unicef, we’re working with children, not just for them

Children’s rights are the foundation of everything we do at Unicef. At the heart of that is their right to be heard. All children and young people have the right to a say in matters that affect them and to have their views taken seriously.

In order to participate meaningfully in the lives of their families and communities, children need support and opportunities for involvement. They need information, a space to express their views and the opportunity to ask questions.

Isabel and Daniel, Year 6, explain why it's important for children to breathe clean air. Unicef is working with children to campaign for their right to breathe clean air.

Empowering children to participate in their communities and schools

Our Child Friendly Cities & Communities programme puts children’s rights at the heart of UK local services, policy and planning. We work with local governments to make sure children have a say in the decisions that affect them. It’s about supporting all children to flourish and engage actively with their communities.

And through our Rights Respecting Schools Award, we work with schools in the UK to create environments where children are respected, their talents are nurtured and they are able to thrive. Children are empowered to enjoy and exercise their rights and to promote the rights of others locally and globally.


Watch UK children talk about going to Rights Respecting Schools.