Unicef and Clarks, the leading children's shoe retailer, have been in partnership since 2007. In that time, Clarks have contributed to transforming children’s lives through shoeSHARE (formally known as Shoe Biz), gathering old or unwanted shoes at collection points in more than 450 Clarks stores nationwide. For every tonne of shoes, a donation is made to Unicef which goes towards education programmes around the world. To date, the partnership has raised just over £700,000! 

More than 57 million children of primary school age are still not in education. This is just under the population of the UK. Clarks are helping Unicef to ensure that more children are able to go to school and have everything they need to have a brighter future. 

Throughout the partnership, Clarks have been helping raise funds to ensure all children around the world have access to quality education in a child-friendly setting. Children have the right to learn and no later their location and through the partnership we have been able to provide the basics such as pens and pencils as well as work with governments to ensure children are able to go to school. 

Four of the Clarks team visited Zambia in October 2011 to see first hand the work that Unicef are doing with help from ShoeShare. 

"Unicef fights for the rights and equality of children, making sure their voices are heard", said one of the team. "Projects are sustainable so the money invested is all about the long term and it all goes towards providing a better education."

How to donate your shoes

Help ShoeShare and Unicef to reach even more children by donating your old or unwanted shoes at your nearest Clarks store. Your shoes will help to change children’s lives. Visit www.clarks.co.uk/unicef for further information. 

Shoe Biz  © UNICEF/ 2011/ Tadg O'Keefe
A young boy in an Early Learning Centre in Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia 2011 © UNICEF/ 2011/ Tadg O'Keefe
Shoe Biz © UNICEF/ 2011/ TadgOKeefe
Teenagers study at Linda Open community school, Zambia © UNICEF/ 2011/ TadgOKeefe

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