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Working with Unicef

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Unicef and leading shoe brand, Clarks, have worked in partnership to keep children safe since 2008.

In that time, Clarks have contributed to transforming children’s lives through shoeSHARE, gathering old or unwanted shoes at collection points in more than 450 Clarks stores nationwide. For every tonne of shoes, a donation is made to Unicef which goes towards education programmes around the world.

To date, the partnership has raised an incredible £1 million. More than 59 million children of primary school age are still not in education. This is just under the population of the UK. Clarks are helping Unicef to continue providing basic resources such as pens and pencils so children have the right tools to learn, but also support in training teachers and work with governments to ensure the quality and standard of education remains high and children are leaving school able to read and write.

In May 2016, Clarks took part in Unicef’s Day for Change. For one week in every Clarks store and outlet store staff collected change and held fundraising events. All funds went directly to our Children’s Emergency Fund to save and protect children affected by emergencies around the world.

Donate your shoes

You can help ShoeSHARE to reach even more children by donating your old or unwanted shoes at your nearest Clarks store. Your shoes will help to change children’s lives.

A young boy in an Early Learning Centre in Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia 2011