What's happening in Syria?

After three years of conflict, more Syrian children than ever before need our help. Millions of children have experienced or seen brutal violence. Many have lost everything - family, friends and homes. Children have been killed, orphaned and suffered life-changing injuries.

Right now, 6.5 million Syrian children need immediate humanitarian aid, whether inside the country or living as refugees. These children need your support now. By donating today, you can help children in Syria who need it most. 

How will my donation help children?

UNICEF will not rest until we reach every Syrian child affected by this terrible tragedy. 

This year, thanks to donations, UNICEF and its partners have vaccinated over 2.9 million children against polio as part of a region-wide campaign reaching 25 million children. We've also provided school lessons and psychological support to tens of thousands of children. 

But there is much more to do, and with no end in sight for this conflict the future for Syria’s children is uncertain. A monthly gift from you would enable us to reach even more children. Regular support is especially valuable in this ongoing crisis. 

Donations to Syria © UNICEF/UK14-04871/SCHERMBRUCKER
Syria's children are paying a terrible price as the conflict continues. Your donations can help those that need it most. © UNICEF/UK14-04871/SCHERMBRUCKER