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After over five years of conflict, Syria remains one of the most dangerous places to be a child.

The ongoing conflict has caused the largest humanitarian crisis since World War 2, with the lives of more than 8 million children in danger. So many children have lost their homes, their schools, their loved ones.

Children like Safi, who was hurt by shrapnel fragments during bombing in Syria, and now has scars on his face. “My school in Syria closed because of the war,” he said. Safi says his scar frightens some of his peers. “They don’t want to play with me,” he said.

As winter arrives, more children than ever face the bitter cold without warm clothes, shoes and blankets.

We’re working to make sure that children can be safe and warm this winter. You can help by making a donation today to our Syria winter appeal.

Help keep a Syrian child safe and warm this winter

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Nine-year old Safi was injured in a bombing in Syria. “My school in Syria closed because of the war,” he said. “An airplane dropped a barrel bomb on our school.
“My school in Syria closed because of the war. An airplane dropped a barrel bomb on our school.

I got shrapnel in my face and back."

Safi, aged nine

How is Unicef helping children in Syria?

We are one of the few agencies working inside Syria, as well as being present for refugee families in surrounding countries, including Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt.

Across the region we provide child-friendly spaces which offer learning support and psychological care, as well as being a safe space to play. We’re also working closely with education authorities to make sure that children are able to go to school.

We are on the ground providing blankets, clean water and medicine to keep children safe and warm as they face another bitterly cold winter. We aim to provide around 2.5 million children in Syria and the region with clothes and supplies for the coming winter. Our priority is to reach the most vulnerable children, including the youngest, poorest and those living in besieged or hard-to-reach areas.

Unicef has launched its largest ever winter appeal to provide urgent humanitarian aid to children and families affected by the crisis in Syria.

Twins Aya and Maya with their friends Ghofran, Nesim, and Zaineb, all four years old, wear their newly-received winter jackets in Hasakeh, Syria. The girls live with their families in a school-turned-shelter. where power is out most of the day.
Unicef/2016/Masoud Hasen

Help keep a Syrian child safe and warm this winter

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We're reaching children with life-saving vaccinations


More than 3 million children have been vaccinated by Unicef and partners across the region