A mother holds her young daughter close to her chest in Sudan.
A mother holds her young daughter close to her chest in Sudan.

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protect children
in Sudan

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Your donation could provide a family with a month's worth of clean water and sanitation supplies, protecting them from deadly diseases and helping them to maintain basic hygiene.

£39 could provide a family with an emergency water and hygiene kit.

Children raising their hands to answer a question from a teacher.

£15 could provide exercise books for a class of 37 children to help them continue their education in times of crisis.

Water purification tablets

£5 could help provide 1,786 water purification tablets.

An open school-in-a-box kit.

£80 could help pay for school supplies to help at least 23 children continue their education in an emergency.

Emergency first aid kit including supplies

£32 could help pay for a large first aid kit for a health worker.

£25 could help provide emergency supplies like safe water, maternity kits and essential vaccines.

Sorry, we can only process donations of £1 and above due to admin costs.

Sorry, the maximum value for setting up a monthly gift online is £1000. If you’d like to make a larger monthly gift please reach out to our Supporter Care team who will be able to assist you.

If you’re trying to make a one-off donation, please click on the “Single” button above.

Help protect children in Sudan

Armed violence in Sudan is putting children at risk. 

The continued conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has created a humanitarian crisis in Sudan. Half of Sudan’s population – more than 24.8 million people, almost 14 million of whom are children – are in need of urgent assistance.

4 million children have been uprooted by war, creating the largest child displacement crisis in the world. Thousands of children have been killed or injured, and, despite fleeing their homes, many remain trapped in the crossfire.

Crucial support services have been severely disrupted. More than 70 per cent of health facilities in conflict-affected areas are no longer functional, and two-thirds of the population lack access to health care.With over 700,000 children projected to suffer from severe malnutrition in 2024, the loss of these services is going to have a huge impact on whether or not these children survive.

The routine immunisation rate has fallen rapidly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic with one in six children completely unprotected, even as measles and cholera cases are rising dramatically.

19 million children—almost an entire generation—have been out of school since April. The impact this will have on their future cannot be overstated.

Since the conflict began in April 2023, UNICEF has reached over 6.4 million people with health supplies, 5.4 million children with malnutrition screening,  and 300,00 people with cash, information and services.

With your kind support, we can help more children and families affected by this conflict.

Please donate to help protect children in Sudan.

How will my donation help children?

Our priorities are the safe passage and protection of children, families and our staff across Sudan. ​

We’re expanding our existing work to support children without parents or guardians and displaced families. We’re securing and mobilising life-saving supplies, and we’re helping treat injuries and getting emergency education services, clean water and mental health support to children.  

We are committed to staying to support the children of Sudan for as long as they need us. Please help us to reach children and families affected by this devastating conflict.

Donate to UNICEF UK today.

How can I help?

Donating by phone

If you’re in the UK and would prefer to make a donation by phone, you can call our dedicated donation line: 0300 330 5699. For other ways you can donate please refer to our Donation FAQs.

Please donate today and help children affected by this conflict in Sudan

For the first 6 months, your monthly gift will support children affected by the conflict in Sudan. After that, your donations will help keep children safe and healthy worldwide. In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed what’s needed for the appeal, we will direct any excess funds to support our work to help keep children safe and healthy around the world.

Donating Items and Volunteering

We’re currently not accepting any items for the emergency appeal. These kind offers are really appreciated, but any donated items will need to be sorted, cleaned and transported which could impact our response, so please consider making a monetary donation instead to our emergency appeals.

We’re not currently sending any volunteers to Sudan.

The best way you can help support our emergency work in Sudan is to donate money to the appeal. Please give what you can, your donations will help us to protect children in Sudan.

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