Students sit under a table during an earthquake drill at a primary school in Indonesia, which was struck by the deadly Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. Photo: Unicef/2014/Achmadi

Donate and
help protect
Children in emergencies

£24 could provide life-saving salts to at least 60 children suffering from dehydration caused by diarrhoea.

£11 could provide 3055 water purification tablets to help families purify water in emergency situations.

£5 a month could help provide exercise books for 15 children so they can continue their education in times of crisis or disaster.

£80 could help pay for school supplies to help at least 20 children continue their education in an emergency.

£65 can provide an emergency water and hygiene kit for two families in an emergency.

UNICEF’s family hygiene and dignity kit contain a bucket, washing powder, bars of soap, shampoo, tooth brushes, tooth paste, washable napkins among others. Photo by Kazutaka Sekine

£33 could provide a family with an emergency water and hygiene kit.

Sorry, we can only process donations of £1 and above due to admin costs.

Help keep a child safe when a disaster hits

Right now for example, the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia has claimed over 1,200 lives. Rescue teams are searching for survivors and Unicef is helping the government in Indonesia to provide life-saving supplies and services to affected children and families.

To help support children affected by the tsunami, donate to our Indonesia Tsunami Appeal.

Our Children’s Emergency Fund

Help make sure Unicef is ready to respond whenever disaster strikes by donating to our Children’s Emergency Fund.

Our Children’s Emergency Fund helps children affected by disasters and prevents significant loss of life during humanitarian crises.

59 million children face conflict, natural disasters and other complex emergencies in 50 countries across the world. Children are hardest hit – losing lives, families, homes and schools.

We also use funds to reach children fleeing brutal conflict in countries like Yemen, those fleeing discrimination and violence such as the Rohingya refugees, and to help children and their communities protect themselves from the impact of other natural disasters.

There’s never been a more challenging time for children. But by donating today, you can help us reach more children – especially where there’s little media attention but the need for help is just as great.

Donate today and help keep children safe when a disaster strikes

Your gift will go directly to our Children’s Emergency Fund to save and protect children in emergencies around the world.