Shooq, a 9-year-old third grader, attends her class in Yemen

Accountability and Governance

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We take accountability seriously

In order to achieve our mission and to ensure that our work has the greatest impact on the lives of children, we believe it is vital to be accountable – particularly to the supporters who fund our work.

We take the responsibility of using our supporters’ donations to the best effect seriously and aspire to the highest standards of good governance.

Trustees Report

Every year, we publish a Trustees’ Report detailing its work, impact and audited accounts for the last financial year. The report is an important accountability tool, showing how our supporters’ donations were used to make a positive impact on the lives of children around the world.

Articles of Association

Our Articles of Association (or Constitution) lay out the rules by which we are governed. They specify our charitable objectives, how Trustees are elected and held to account by our Members (usually at an Annual General Meeting), and how key decisions are taken. It also details the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees and of its subcommittees.

Conflict of Interest Policy

We are committed to ensuring transparency in its governance practices and complying with legal requirements. Our Conflict of Interest Policy sets out our approach to managing actual, perceived and potential conflicts of interest or loyalties. A ‘conflict of interest’ is any situation in which a person’s personal interests or interests of a connected person could, or could be seen to, prevent them acting only in the best interests of the charity.

Safeguarding Policies

At UNICEF UK we are concerned not only with what we achieve for children but also how we achieve it. As an organisation we are fully committed to ensuring that everyone involved with UUK fully respects, upholds and supports children’s rights. We do this to ensure that all children, staff, volunteers and partners are protected from harm and that we create a safe, positive and supportive environment, where safeguarding best practice sits at the heart of all we do. The implementation of this policy is supported by a full range of guidance. To learn more about UNICEF UK’s commitment to Safeguarding, please visit our Safeguarding Page.