Children in Northeast Syria present in front of a class where the children learn on tablets, which offer a more accessible way of learning.


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As part of our work to create a world fit for every child, we are committed to developing a website that is accessible for all, regardless of ability.

When we measure web accessibility, we refer to global guidelines called WCAG 2.1. The level of web accessibility we are aiming for is level ‘AA’ which includes all the criteria for level A.

We know that not all parts of our website are accessible and we are taking steps to improve this.

Recent improvements we have made

  • ‘Skip to Main Content’ link: visitors who use desktop computers to view our site can now use the tab key to skip directly to the main content of a page, making navigation quicker and more efficient.
  • Keyboard navigation: we have made sure that people who rely on keyboards can use them to navigate the site easily and efficiently.
  • Structured headings: we have restructured our headings to follow a more logical hierarchy, ensuring that heading levels are correctly nested. This makes content easier to navigate for visitors who use screen readers.
  • Improved focus states: the links we use throughout our website now have a clear and visible focus state when visitors select them, helping them understand which element is currently active or in focus.

Planned improvements for better accessibility

Here are some examples of problems we are working to fix:

  • Colour contrast: the text on some of our web pages has insufficient colour contrast. This falls short of one of the key criteria of the WCAG. We are revisiting the use of colour throughout the site to improve readability.
  • Headings: on some pages, we have not marked headings appropriately. This also doesn’t meet one of the key criteria of the WCAG.
  • Alternative text: there are some images on our website which do not yet have alternative text. This can make it difficult for people who rely on screen readers

Accessibility is a key priority for us at UNICEF. To address these challenges, we are rolling out a comprehensive accessibility improvement plan throughout 2024 and beyond.


We are committed to improving the accessibility of our website and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. To tell us about your experience using our site, please email [email protected].

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