There are many ways you can help Unicef with your money. You can make a one-off donation, donate monthly, buy a card or charity gift, leave a legacy, make a large donation and many more ways to help.

  • Wondering which charity to donate to? UNICEF offers many ways to help with your money. © UNICEF

    Why donate to Unicef? By donating to Unicef, you can help local families, communities and governments in more than 190 countries. You can work with us to protect and promote the rights of all children. Our global reach, expertise, access, innovation, efficiency are the values that guide our work and make Unicef unique as a charity.

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    Where your donation goes Your money really does make a difference to children’s lives. Unicef is funded entirely by voluntary contributions – we receive no money from the UN budget. For every pound that you donate to Unicef UK, 73p goes directly to our work with children. 

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    Donate now By making a one-off or monthly donation today, you can help make a difference to children's lives. Online donations are quick and easy to make with our donate section – simply choose the amount you'd like to donate and complete the online steps.  

  • Legacy donation gifts from people like you are crucial to our future work. © UNICEF

    Leave a legacy Legacy gifts are crucial to our work for children. They provide us with the funds we need to be there for children in danger wherever they are, whatever they need. A gift of any size can save and transform children's lives. Find out more about gifts in Wills here and, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Gifts in Wills Team on 020 7375 6131 or email  

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    Make a large donation By making a large donation, you can enable us to reach even more children and ensure their rights are protected. You can be sure that your charity donation is really making an impact and achieving long-term sustainable change for children. 

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    Other ways to donate There are many other ways to donate, including donating through your payroll, with a Unicef credit card, making a donation by phone, via text, SMS or post – and even on eBay. 

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    Become a Global Guardian Join our Global Guardian Network and get more closely involved with our work for children. 

  • Buy Inspired Ethical Charity Gifts - UNICEF UK

    Inspired charity gifts from Unicef Unicef Inspired Gifts are ethical life-saving and life-changing charity gifts that we provide to children around the world. From school books to vaccines, all of our charity gifts help directly to meet children’s rights.