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The chance to learn can change a child’s life

Every child has the right to an education – whatever their background, gender or ethnicity. Unicef wants to see a world where all children enjoy this right.

Yet every day, more than 59 million children don’t attend their primary schools. Without an education, children can’t learn, play or develop, and they’re more likely to be trapped in cycles of poverty, disease and forced labour – often in dangerous environments.

Unicef supports innovative programmes that give the most vulnerable children the chance to learn. We help governments, communities and parents to ensure every child gets a compulsory, free, quality education – even during a conflict or natural disaster.

Every year we help millions of children get an education – for example by providing textbooks and classroom kits, or by setting up child-friendly spaces to learn in disaster zones.

A Syrian girl enjoys writing and drawing at a child-friendly space in Macedonia. Photo: Klincarof

A Syrian girl enjoys writing and drawing at one of Unicef's child-friendly space in Macedonia. Conflicts and disasters can have a devastating impact on education.

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In 2015, Unicef supplied 55,293 education kits to classrooms all over the world. Kits are tailored to each specific country.

Breaking down barriers to education

Cousins Nabila and Gisma started attending classes at a Unicef-supported learning centre in Khartoum, Sudan in 2016. For both girls it was their first experience of going to school. “Most of the students have never received education before, and they have a huge desire to learn,” says Egbal, a volunteer teacher at the centre.

The centre is one of over 2,500 across Sudan, designed for children who’ve never attended school, who’ve dropped out of school or who are so far behind they can’t return to mainstream education without first catching up on missed years of learning.

In Sudan and all over the world, we work with governments and communities to remove the barriers which stop children attending school, and to make sure all schools are child-centred, inclusive, safe and healthy places – in other words, child-friendly!

“I like maths and calculating“, says Nabila (right). “I want to be a doctor.” Both Nabila and her cousin Gisma have been attending a Unicef-supported learning centre in Khartoum, Sudan for less than a year.
Photo: Unicef/Dawes

Help more children enjoy learning

A regular gift from you could help train teachers, and develop education programmes for children in even the most challenging situations.