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We are grateful for every gift. You can make even more of a difference with a smaller amount every month, supporting long-term projects and helping more children to grow up happy, healthy and safe.

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A young child drinks a glass of water in the village of Chikosa, Malawi. Photo: UNICEF/2015/Gilbertson VII

Each month, your £27 could could help a family left exposed to the elements following a natural disaster or forced from their home.

An infant received their BCG vaccine

Each month, your £18 could protect 100 children against tuberculosis – for life!

Each month, your £7 could help provide life-saving rehydration salts to treat 23 children

A child is vaccinated against polio

£80 could help protect 500 children from Polio.

Girl being assisted with wearing a mask

£39 could help keep health workers protected in situations where they may be at risk.

Leaving a gift in your Will can create a safer world for children. Martha, 19, carries her son Rahim, who is eight months old. Martha was born with HIV but has defied odds and her son is part of Malawi's AIDS-free generation. Photo: Unicef 2015 Schermbrucker

£25 could provide more than 22 pregnant women with HIV tests to help protect their baby.

Sorry, we can only process donations of £1 and above due to admin costs.

Sorry, the maximum value for setting up a monthly gift online is £1000. If you’d like to make a larger monthly gift please reach out to our Supporter Care team who will be able to assist you.

If you’re trying to make a one-off donation, please click on the “Single” button above.

Donate and keep a child safe

What you’re about to do could change a child’s life forever.

Whether you decide to make a one-off donation or pledge a monthly gift, we promise that the donation you make to us today will be used to help keep a child safe.

At UNICEF, we’ve been among the first to respond to critical, child-threatening emergencies, from Ukraine to Gaza, wherever a child’s right to a happy, safe and healthy childhood is threatened.

The donations you pledge today could help save a child who might otherwise have died of malaria, cholera or typhoid. They could help build a temporary school where children can learn and find sanctuary in an emergency. They could help a malnourished child receive the vital nutrients they need to recover. Whatever support you decide to give, you will be helping us to make a more child-friendly world for every child.

Why make a monthly donation?

As a children’s charity, we work with families, communities and governments in over 190 countries to tackle the root causes, as well as the symptoms, of problems directly affecting children.

Our work is to deliver long-term support that creates lasting change for children as well as addresses their immediate needs.

When you set up a regular donation, you become part of that long-term work to keep the world’s most vulnerable children safe. For example, by donating £18 monthly could protect 100 children against tuberculosis – for life!

Even a small monthly donation of £7 could help provide life-saving rehydration salts to treat 23 children.

Donating by phone

If you’re in the UK and would prefer to make a donation by phone, you can call our dedicated donation line: 0300 330 5699. For other ways you can donate please refer to our Donation FAQs.


We make sure more of the world’s children are vaccinated, educated and protected than any other organisation.

As an organisation, we have done more to influence laws, policies and customs to help protect children than any other charity.

We receive no funding from the UN budget. That means we rely entirely on voluntary donations like yours to fund our vital work to protect children in danger, transforming their lives and building a safer world for tomorrow’s children.

Your donation will go to support our work around the world.